Garshan line for the body


The traditional system of Indian medicine Ayurveda is familiar to many. This ancient science of a healthy and long life arose more than 5 thousand years ago; therefore, Ayurvedic natural preparations and techniques for improving health have been verified by thousands of years of experience. Today, the effective Garshan line for the body is available in the modern LeBlanc Beauty Salon in Kiev.
Garshan in Sanskrit means “rubbing.” This is a special type of dry massage, which is traditionally done with special gloves from raw silk. Such a massage stimulates blood circulation, the lymphatic system, and helps to eliminate toxins from the body.

The Garshan cosmetic line, related to anti-cellulite programs, has the same useful properties as the Ayurvedic massage of the same name:

improves blood microcirculation and metabolism of connective tissue;
increases the tone of blood vessels;
removes toxins from the body;
reduces swelling;
increases skin firmness and elasticity;
makes the skin smooth;
helps to get rid of body fat, tightens body contours;
regular use significantly reduces the effect of the “orange peel” and effectively prevents its appearance.

This effective intensive treatment of cellulite with puffiness and stagnant processes has a 24-hour effect. Based on the traditional wisdom of Ayurveda, the Garshan anti-cellulite line not only removes external skin problems, but also has a general healing effect on the whole body.

Natural organic components solve the problem from the inside, so that the skin remains healthy, silk and glowing for a long time.