Henna Body Art

Henna drawings were carried out 5 thousand years ago and received a Mehendi name. It has a special meaning. The ancient Egyptians and Indians were decorated feet and hands with drawings, considering that the symbols would bring good luck, health, and success. In Europe, this technique has come relatively recently, but today accurate and beautiful drawings on the body with henna – Mehendi – have a deserved popularity.

At Le Blanc beauty salon in Kiev, experienced masters will perform a professional application of mehendi under an original technology. We use only proven, high-quality materials, and each client receives a special attention and comfort during the procedure.

Along with the main natural component – henna paste dye contains other naturally occurring substances, such as coffee and tea extracts, lemon juice, mineral components. They not only do not harm the skin at a zone of application, but nourish it, make it more flexible, prolong youth.

Drawing is performed using a special professional tool giving a possibility to draw accurately and precisely small details to create beautiful patterns and inscriptions. You can choose a Mehendi using ready pictures or stencils, and can rely on the master’s opinion, thus receiving an original and unique composition. In India, lace patterns are still popular, and other Eastern cultures often prefer large floral motifs and European and American practices often use drawings with inscriptions.

The skill of Le Blanc salon professionals is that the drawings do not spread and are do not become smudged, the lines are free, thin, rich.

Features of drawings made with henna:

Who should choose the henna drawings: